Hammel & Hochreiter Co. Ltd drawing special attention to the protection of personal data of visitors of his Website.

In case you forward us personal data, using one of the e-mail addresses showing on this Website, you will automatically agree to allow to keep a record of and process these datas in complience with all the rules and the legislation. The relevant law on the data-protection of personal data and data of general interest (Hungarian Law no.1992.LXII.) declares that all datas are to be considered personal datas which could be used to identify any natural person.

May we call your attention to the fact, that the personal data preserves this status during the data-processing and – handling until the connection with the relevant person can be restored.

In complience with your request, our company will inform you about your personal data and the handling of same, further you may request any corrections or cancellation of same at any time – apart from those ordered by law. Our company may reject the information about any personal data in cases where the law makes this possible.

We inform you herewith, that any other method of data – processing different from the above could be carried out with your previous consent only; without your consent your personal data can’t be forwarded to third parties, except in those cases prescribed by the relevant law.

We call your attention to the fact, that you can inspect and read most of the parts of our Website without making any personal data known about yourself.

In order to achieve the above, Hammel & Hochreiter Co. Ltd worked out his internal regulations in such a way which are in line with the personal data – protection and secrecy rules.