Merely a history of employment in senior management and extended experience do not necessarily justify becoming an external resource, coach, consultant, trainer, or interim manager. Based on our experience, even the most competent senior managers need more than a year to get familiar with the interim lifestyle or the specialities of the interim career, obtain the specific knowledge needed for success, but, above all, they need to feel committed to the unique professional task of working as an interim manager on projects. Who are we looking for?

Senior managerial experience and knowledge of multiple company cultures and industries are training criteria, however, in addition, commitment to continuous self-training and self-development plays an especially important role. Without these, it is almost impossible to be successful in this segment, as an interim manager who is thinking on a long-term basis must be able to hold his/her own in a limited elite group of premium service providers.

If, based on the above important facts, you are still interested, we would like to summarise the most important benefits in being an interim manager.

  • An interim manager can face new challenges continuously and achieve real results, instead of engaging in daily political fights within an organisational structure in the uniformity of everyday life.
  • An interim manager can organise his or her time. When working on a project, the objectives undertaken must be achieved within the provided time interval, while the time when the interim manager is not working on a project is for relaxation, recharging, professional development and networking.
  • Premium level expertise and results are recognised with outstanding remuneration.
  • The series of results also help in building his or her own brand.

How to start this path? You can find out here: What should I do?