Hammel & Hochreiter Business & Management Consulting believes in complete discretion, which is an essential quality requirement in this industry. Accordingly, we do not disclose the company names of our Clients, however, we are convinced that the following facts tell more about the success of our service and experience than the names of multinational, international and Hungarian-owned companies.

  • The number of successfully completed projects is over 300.
  • At sector level, we also have experience as a Business & Management Consulting, interim management service provider in the automotive industry, food industry, in the area of other production companies, financial institutions, and the commercial and service provider segments.
  • We are at home in the US, Northern European, English, Swiss, French, German, Austrian and Hungarian company cultures and have completed a number of assignments in each of these environments.
  • The fact that, in most cases, our Clients decide to extend the objectives of the originally outlined project when they realise that they receive a much better value for money than what they had expected in advance indicates the satisfaction of our Clients.

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Telephone: +36 1 951 71 80

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