Tracking distance – Family business: family or business?

“Son, I’m building the company for you!” “I will introduce you at today’s meeting.” Do these sentences sound familiar? Many company founders stumble across the entire exit and manual control while many successors are afraid of the future. However, modern company succession requires professional preparation. Hammel & Hochreiter is the

Radio interview – Györgyi Kristóf – 26/06/2018

“There are good chances for the 50s age group to win executive positions! It is worth paying more attention to the 50+ generation, because of their change in attitude and their appreciation in the labour market, ” – said Györgyi Kristóf, Manager and Strategic Adviser of Hammel & Hochreiter. Experience

Generation change is affecting SMEs

How to pass on the company? What are the options for generational change to ensure the smooth operation of the business? What fears, and doubts can a leader have when releasing the control of the company and whom should it be passed on? “Family businesses of the 1990’s will soon

There is always a parking space!

Laptop, kitchen spoon, high heels – it is impossible to stand in every role at a time. However, women’s conscious career management can succeed in creating external and internal harmony. Tips for perfectionists. “As a student I used to sell ice cream in the summer. As long as we had