Mondjam vagy ne mondjam? A női vezető dilemmája…

„Átcsoportosítottam három projektet, és ezzel megoldható lett, hogy vállaljuk a megrendelést, amitől a következő negyedév komolyan megugrott” – ritkán hallunk a cégen belül ilyen mondatokat a női vezetőktől. De nyilvánosan sem jellemző az, hogy: „A tapasztalataim és a tudásom lehetővé tették, hogy belevágjunk az új fejlesztésbe, ami számos előnnyel különböztet meg

Strong Couples and C-level executives – a private business breakfast of the HBLF Women Business Leaders Forum hosted by the Hammel & Hochreiter team in Budapest

As Guest of Honour of the event, we welcomed Colleen Bell, former US Ambassador to Hungary, US diplomat, television producer and the Executive Director of the California Film Commission (CFC) who had a HARD TALK with Borbála Czakó, Honorary President of the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) and the President

The reason Zoom calls drain your energy

Video chat is helping us stay employed and connected. But what makes it so tiring – and how can we reduce ‘Zoom fatigue’? Your screen freezes. There’s a weird echo. A dozen heads stare at you. There are the work huddles, the one-on-one meetings and then, once you’re done for

Young workers do not feel qualified

German employees are struggling with their age – the young do not feel qualified enough, the older ones are worried that companies prefer young applicants. And lack of time is also a problem for Germans. Young, dynamic and self-confident: young employees do not feel up to the demands of everyday

Competition or collaboration?

The question in the title has a different echo within a company than competition between market players. Yet, we often see logistics and sourcing as well as controlling and finance getting into conflicts within the company. However, in most cases, the conflicts are not due to professional, but personal issues.

Women, cooperation, energy

For decades, women have played a significant role in networking, an important area of ​​business. Not only are they present, but they are also successful in these networking processes. On the one hand, this is no surprise, as throughout history women have been able to exercise this competence in smaller,