The group training section of Hammel & Hochreiter Manager Academy, in cooperation with the Dutch Nyenrode Business Universiteit, started the region’s first interim manager training with a limited number of participants per group on 28 January 2011.

The objective of the founders and supporters of the Academy was the promotion and development of interim management culture. One of the milestones of this venture was the launch of the premium category, highly practice-oriented training, the content and logics of which were based on several years of experience in national and international interim services provision.

Accepted participants can learn the competences of the interim profession and lifestyle in a training course of seven modules, in groups of 10 to 12 people, in 13+1 sessions over the course of half a year, and obtain comprehensive information about a management tool, which is also becoming popular very rapidly in our region, and its possible areas of use. The training along with the targeted strengthening of the theoretical basics also includes a practical module in international interim case studies, which is held in Nyenrode, The Netherlands. We recommend the programme to potential and experienced interim managers and also to HR managers, procurement managers, company directors and owners who regularly buy external resources, as the Dutch – Hungarian programme thoroughly covers the area of the purchase and sale of services.

Hammel & Hochreiter Manager Academy’s training programme is not only open to individuals, and professionals and managers who want to develop themselves: complex corporate development programmes are also available which can represent a unique competitive advantage in the proactive development of interim competences, how to prepare the best possible way for changes, and the enrichment of the company’s knowledge assets. If you are a professional responsible for the development of staff at a company, consider us, let us plan together the managerial perspectives at your company!

For more information about this training which is unique in the region and offers outstanding value for money, please contact us via the following contacts.

Hammel & Hochreiter Training and Customer Service Centre

1124 Budapest, Vas Gereben utca 22.

Telephone: +36 1 951 71 80


our trainers:

  • András Bárdos Journalist, TV presenter and editor, Associate Professor at the University of Theatre and Film Arts
  • Emma C Molnár Associate Professor, Head of Institute, Psychotherapist
  • Péter Dezsényi College Associate Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Budapest
  • Péter Fejős HH Interim Partner, Chairman of the HH Interim Manager Alumni Club
  • Ibolya Görög Protocol Expert, Honorary College Associate Professor
  • Jacques Reijniers Interim Management Expert, Professor, The Netherlands
  • Anita Kincses Organisational Development Consultant, Trainer
  • Judit Kolossváry Trainer, Business Ethics Expert
  • Györgyi Kristóf Interim Management Specialist
  • László Mérő Mathematician, Psychologist
  • Monic Bührs Expert in career management for women, The Netherlands
  • Elisa de Groot Expert in career management for women, The Netherlands
  • Gábor Pozsonyi Management Expert, Executive Director at Magnet Bank
  • János Serényi Former Managing Director at McCann Erickson, Personal Branding Expert
  • Miklós Schiffer Style Advisor
  • Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky Social Psychologist, Social Analyst, Communication Expert
  • Jolán Velencei Senior Lecturer
  • Rajmund Virágh Company Succession Specialist
  • Leo Witvliet Professor, Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands

their topics:

  • Career planning, career change
  • Building trust, Comparative advantages
  • Career management, career management for women
  • Unorthodox approaches to management
  • Emotional intelligence in management, empathy
  • Personal branding
  • Intercultural communication and relations
  • Assertive communication
  • Organisational values of the narrative, story-telling as a management tool
  • The power of “silent” communication
  • Decision sciences
  • Business ethics
  • LEAN management
  • Negotiation situations, credibility. The authentic expert
  • The interim manager’s lifestyle, legal and financial aspects

If you would like to find out whether you are eligible to become an interim manager, or if you are already a trained interim manager, but are open to updating your knowledge, building relations, and receiving business development advice, send us your CV and motivation letter, and take part in the programme of the Hammel & Hochreiter Manager Academy!

We await your application:

If you are a HR manager, company director or owner and would like to receive complex or tailor-made advice on training and development or have such a programme at your company in any of the above topics, please complete the form below to submit your request.

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