The joint work always begins with a meeting in person. After contacting the Client, the gathering of information on-site is important, in which we discuss jointly the objectives of the project, the time frame, and the available resources. In case of a gap management task, we start with the available job description for the existing position and the organisation, however, a personal meeting on-site is essential, as we need to get familiar with the environment before we can offer a solution.

Following the discussion, we recommend an appropriate interim manager for the Client depending on the industry, company culture and function required by the specific task. The service provider is Hammel & Hochreiter itself, therefore we understand the task and sign a contract for delivering a solution, the interim manager being one component of this service as a managerial resource.

Upon the Client’s approval, the selected interim manager starts working. Depending on the company’s size and complexity, the first 5 to 15 days is the period of “understanding” by the end of which we prepare an action plan, based on the original objectives and our on-site experience.

The action plan is presented at a status meeting. We discuss in detail any possible discrepancies between the original objectives and the on-site information we gathered so far, finally, the delimitation of the interim project is made and the action plan approved by both parties will be prepared, which specifies the specific tasks of the interim manager and the time frame for the project.

In the implementation phase, results are presented and discussed in regular status meetings. Project closure and final handover take place in a final meeting, along with the provision of the accompanying documentation. In case of gap management assignments, it can be reasonable for the newly employed manager who fills the position to work together with the interim manager, in the delivery – acceptance period.

In practice, after the project is formally closed, we still field questions and try to provide our Clients with support in promoting their effective operation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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