Hammel & Hochreiter Academy’s COMPASS is a manager orientation and accreditation programme specifically developed to support the career and life path planning of experienced managers.

The basis of the uniqueness of our programme is that our module-based consultancy services focus on strengths and how to make the most out of them, instead of the weaknesses which need to be improved, as they are needed the most to be successful. A dedicated interim manager also knows that success is based on continuous work, development, and learning. In no case, however, should it mean that the interim manager must rely only on him- or herself as a lone wolf. Essentially, a stimulating environment might be necessary in which all this can be achieved effectively, and the interim manager can learn, develop, and build relations, as when he or she is taking a rest or working on a project the interim service provider still performs the main part of the marketing and sales tasks, instead of the interim manager.

As a potential member of Hammel & Hochreiter’s team, you can have the opportunity for all of this and more. Hungary’s market-leading interim association is the guarantee that you will not miss out on the best opportunities, even by chance.

In becoming an interim manager, it is also worth thinking of the future, whether to work in a specific corporate structure or as an external expert. Decision points are continuously present and those who work together with a service provider do not have to permanently decide as crossing over is possible for some time: an interim manager can become an employed manager again, and vice versa. But, of course, every decision or lack of decision has its consequences, the start of the branding process is delayed, the development of a personal brand takes years both for employed and potential interim managers.

The COMPASS programme, which is considered a basic element of the interim culture, further enables company leaders to provide their employees with conscious, planned, specialist help with the further development of their career or even with entering into a new phase.

Moreover, the COMPASS programme can be a tool for HR managers, company directors and owners when certain positions and tasks are terminated or in case of planned and unplanned dismissals to ensure worthy, caring, and customised support.

If you would like to find out whether you are suitable to become an interim manager, send us your CV and motivation letter, and take part in the COMPASS manager orientation and accreditation programme.

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