In Hungary, interim management services are most frequently used in the following areas:

Overcoming the temporary lack of management resources (Gap Management)

When a manager leaves unexpectedly, the loss of capacity and, possibly, competence must be overcome in the fastest possible way. An experienced interim manager is an ideal person for this purpose, who can carry out the managerial tasks until a permanent solution is found. In cases when a major expert or manager leaves, it is particularly reasonable to use an interim service. As the person needs to be replaced immediately. An interim manager with the competences and experience needed for the specific company culture can carry out the tasks related to the vacant managerial position until the newly employed manager joins the organisation. In practice, it is desirable for the interim manager and the new manager to work together for a transitional period of time to make the handover of tasks an effective process without any problems. Gap management assignments, due to their nature, usually cover a short period of time.

Change and Crisis Management, Reorganisation

We provide help for special tasks which fall outside the sphere of daily routine activities. A company may have tasks, but lacks the proper internal competences and, possibly, capacity to solve them. In many similar cases, it is not justified to expand the organisation, as the use of a temporary external resource through the assignment of an interim management service provider is a more effective and cost-efficient solution. Coordination of company mergers and acquisitions, the management of challenges associated with dynamic growth, the management and support of greenfield investments, site closures or reorganisation are all examples of such projects. In a crisis situation, anything is possible: rebirth is just as possible an outcome as failure. To avoid the latter, an external expert is needed who has gained experience in crisis situations, is firm, able to decide, credible and agile, and last, but not least, is not emotionally linked to the given situation. Hammel & Hochreiter’s wide-ranging experience is the guarantee that an intervention at the necessary place and time is made, thus removing the organisation from the shock caused by a crisis or change, and returning it to the path of normal business activity.

Generational change or preparation for sale (Family Business)

A successful family business is perhaps the most valuable inheritance for the next generation. However, the transfer of a company to the next generation is far from easy: economic and emotional aspects are intertwined and, of course, the risk of breaking from the path that was set by the founder increases. In this sensitive moment, which requires a long preparation time, the support of a professional is important who can analyse with expertise, help in making decisions and lead the company to a new, even more successful era, the dream of every founder. Hammel & Hochreiter have provided many family businesses with this support. Our indispensable practical experience provides a feeling of safety which is crucial in replanning, moving forward, establishing the new era. Responsible decisions can only be made this way, as the objectives are to maintain the continuity of the business, and preserve and further strengthen reputation, positions and values.

Generational change in operational management

Most family businesses owned by Hungarians are under the sole management of the founder, who is, in most cases, so engaged in everyday tasks that has no time to reflect on the very important question of succession planning. The objective of succession planning is to help to find the successor for the founder in operational management, then carry out the necessary developments and changes to make the transition the easiest possible when the time comes.

Preparation for sale

In these projects, the possibilities are analysed first, and we decide together with the Client whether selling the company is the most optimal solution and if it is, then we give advice to the company owner regarding the available options. Members of Hammel & Hochreiter’s interim team have decade-long experience in company management and sale and can thus provide significant support to the company owner in full management of the sale process.