Interim management is a type of service used throughout Europe, defined as “availability of an experienced senior manager with sufficient professional knowledge for a definite period of time to counter a planned or sudden deficiency in a permanent job or achieve a specific business result within a defined period of time.”

Since the early 2000s, the founders of Hammel & Hochreiter have been working on making interim management known in Hungary, and since 2009, on making the interim management services, which were established on the basis of the Dutch example, available for our corporate and individual Clients. Our primarily objective is to establish a partner network of managers with high-level professional knowledge and experience, which makes it possible to offer the best possible alternative for any arising need no matter which company culture, industry or job the task is associated with.

Our team, like a good interim manager, is continuously developing, learning and renewing itself in line with current needs. Today, we already have a permanent core of experts and managers, who can cover any strategic and functional areas, whether it be company management, finance, accountancy, controlling, human resources, information technology, communication, sales, production, logistics or quality assurance. For all areas, we can deliver an appropriate solution in a matter of days.

We cooperate with our Clients on the basis of real, practical experience when supporting professional and strategic functions.

In order to be effective in Business & Management Consulting, the presence of a special kind of background is also crucial. Therefore the activity of Hammel & Hochreiter goes far beyond simply providing managers to Clients. Our various events are the place for crucial networking and exchange of experience, in the HH Manager Academy, we ensure the training of interim trainees and that experienced experts are kept up-to-date, practically, we support the current and future members of our team in all areas of the interim lifestyle to ensure that this successful management tool of proven efficiency becomes more widespread in Hungary as well.

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