Györgyi Kristóf

Interim expert and executive strategic advisor. She graduated from the College of Finance and Accounting in Foreign Trade. Her career started at Chemolimpex, where she worked for six years, fulfilling her childhood dream, but with the expiry of foreign trade restrictions, she had to face a career crisis at a young age. During her life path planning process, she realized that it is only herself who could determine what she would like to do. As she was searching for the industry and company culture that best suits her, Györgyi Kristóf found suitable challenges for herself in the financial institution sales sector. During this process she discovered her outstanding sales affiliation and skills, but she also faced a conflict: if she wanted to be wife and mother and even a leader at the same time, she would have to switch. Since the late 1990s she has been recruiting IT professionals as HR manager in the software developer market. Here she could use her sales team building experience, namely: to speak with all kinds of people and to easily identify novelties and business models work. Later, she managed several functional areas: as a back-office manager, besides HR, the administration and the business area also became her tasks. In time it became clear that she needed to find an intermediate state between the continuously moving front office area and the back-office area in the office. The biggest challenge was to find the service that sells: by then she was certain that selling services would be the direction. In 2002 she became a conscious life path planner: she wanted to become a recognized solution provider. After several projects, she was certain that neither the counsellor, the trainer nor the coach job was suitable for her. One year later she was asked to complete an interim task, but instead of herself she sold another interim expert for the job. It was a milestone on her career path: at this time, she became confident that she would need to be specialized in understanding the customer’s needs and then deliver the most appropriate specialist. In this area she could utilize her ability to see complex problems and the ability to identify professionals. The direction covered three functional areas: sales, human resource management and finance/accounting. She thoroughly studied the Hungarian and international market, later, it was her who introduced the solutions developed by the Dutch pioneers of interim management in Hungary. From here, a straight path led her to become a leading manager of Hammel & Hochreiter, Hungary’s most active interim management service provider. Here she uses all her professional competencies, coordination and managements skills acquired and discovered during her career. She has the expertise to identify the operational problems of organizations and to find the ideal interim managers for the tasks. She provides value-creating solutions for all stakeholders.