Customer Experience Excellence Report

“Customer experience has truly become a top of mind topic for CEOs and managers across all industries. The emergence of new generations of consumers, digitalization, e-commerce paired with a resurgence of purchasing power have all but reshaped the Hungarian consumer markets. In this rapidly changing environment companies are also finding that both products and services are becoming interchangeable or homogenous – leaving brands to compete on the relatively less understood fields of customer experience. Customer experience is a widely discussed but rarely understood business concept that can have significant impact on profitability. KPMG has a long history of generating insight into organizations’ customer bases to drive business performance; one specific initiative is the publishing of its Customer Experience Excellence Report, which covers 17 countries worldwide. For the first time, Hungary has been included as part of this global effort to map changing customer behavior and identify best practices that deliver outstanding customer experiences. The backbone of this report is an extensive research effort that collected insights from over 3,000 customers, gathered over 30,000 insights and applied the proven analytical methods of KPMG Nunwood that have been widely deployed for over 8 years. As a result of these efforts, Hungarian brands across eight sectors have been ranked, of which fifty brands have been identified as providers of outstanding customer experience. In order to generate deep insights into the drivers of customer experience, KPMG has developed the Six Pillars of Customer Experience that have been applied to all of the brands surveyed. The Six Pillars of Customer Experience generate a unique perspective to develop a unique customer experience DNA for the given organization and turn it into actionable insight. These actionable insights provide an opportunity for organizations to capitalize on becoming truly customer-centric. The findings showcase that there are several sectors (e.g. non-grocery retail) that outperform the market average. These sectors exhibit the same patterns in terms of their score on the Six Pillars of Customer Experience, however individual scores and comments on customer experience are overwhelmingly positive. There are some sectors (e.g. utilities) that are generally perceived as providers of inconsistent or poor customer experience, but in terms of ranking their results offer no discernable trend.”

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Source: KPMG Advisory Ltd.