Interim management is more attractive than ever

For the first time in 2019, the industry expects a fee volume of more than 2 billion euros

Cologne, 5 February 2019 – The positive trend in interim management in Germany in recent years continues. By the end of 2019, the fee volume for self-employed specialists and executives will exceed 2 billion euro for the first time. Thus, the industry reaches a new milestone in the development in Germany. This is the result of the annual member survey of the German Interim Management (DDIM) umbrella company for temporary executives and interim management providers and law firms.

Interim managers are in demand in Germany like never before. This is confirmed by the latest survey among members and associated interim management providers and law firms of the leading professional agency for professional interim management. For example, the capacity utilization of temporary executives in 2018 exceeded the forecast from the beginning of the year. On average, interim managers were in the mandate 172.3 days last year and thus almost fully utilized. According to the forecast, the industry also expects employment at this high level in the current year. The trend in daily rates continues to point upwards. The respondents expect an increase of an average of 1,142 euros to 1,175 euros in 2019. The number of interim managers in 2019 is also expected to increase slightly according to the respondents. In 2019, the industry as a whole is thus expected to exceed the historic mark of 2 billion euros in fee volume for the first time.

Development of fee volume in Interim Management
(Interim Manager with management experience)
Annual comparisons incl. Forecast for 2019 in million EUR

Interim management as a quality feature

“Getting an interim manager into the company is a timely response to short-term needs or important projects,” says the CEO, Dr. Ing. Marei Strack. “The reservations companies had about interim management just 5 or 10 years ago have almost completely disappeared. One is well aware of the numerous advantages of an independent expert or a “temporary leader” and is more and more relying on this instrument. As an industry representative, I wish that the clients would be even more offensive to the outside “

Number of interim managers exceeds historical mark

For the first time in 2019, more than 10,000 senior managers will serve as interim managers. Both the scope of the branches and the areas of responsibility continue to increase. What is needed above all is the accompaniment of digitization processes in change management projects (16.9 percent). The largest increase is recorded by the automotive industry (OEM and suppliers), which will account for around 17.1 percent of the interim management market in 2019.

Development of the number of interim managers
(with management experience)
Annual comparison incl. forecast for 2019

Further important forecast results at a glance:

Company sizes: Most inquiries came in 2018 (32%) from companies with 1001-10,000 employees. According to forecasts, this value will remain constant in 2019.

Functions: For 2019, the strongest demand for interim managers in the functional areas of General Management / Business Management (30%), Engineering / Production (13.3%) and Marketing / Sales (12.6%) is expected. General Management is thus in 1st place, just like in the previous year.

Source: DDIM

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